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Inported from China, by Blue Rhino Global Sourcing, the SkeeterVac mosquito traps offer a full line of mosquito control products. Currently, 3 models are available, the SkeeterVac SV-15, SkeeterVac SV3000, and SkeeterVac SV5000. The main difference between the models is the application and coverage area. The smallest unit is the SkeeterVac SV-15, which is designed for smaller residential areas and covers up to a 1/2 acre. The mid sized unit is the SkeeterVac SV3000, which is designed for residential properties with moderate to heavy problems with biting insects, and covers an area up to 1 acre. The largest unit, the SkeeterVac SV5000 is designed for larger residential or commercial properties with bad mosquito problems, and can cover over one acre, up to the size of an entire football field.

SkeeterVac Features & Benefits

The SkeeterVac mosquito exterminator comes fully loaded with a large number of features.

  • Cordless - As all SkeeterVacs are cordless, this gives you the freedom to place the unit in the optimal spot on your property without having to worry about extension cords.
  • Dual Trapping - SkeeterVacs combine a powerful vacuum and a sticky paper trap to increase capture rates.
  • No Tool Required Assembly - The SkeeterVac is quickly and easily assembled without the aid of any tools.
  • Proven Effeciveness - Independantly tested in laboratories and in the field by the USDA to attract and trap a wide variety of biting insects.
  • Multiple Attractants - The SkeeterVac produces carbon dioxide, moisture, heat, odors, and color contrasts to attract mosquitoes.

SkeeterVac Positives

Most reviewers were very impressed with the skeetervac. They sited the units cordless portability, it's lower price point compared to similar units, it's ability to catch a wide variety of biting insects, and it's easy set-up and use as the best parts of the unit.

SkeeterVac Negatives

Although most reviewers seemed to like the SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps, a few were unimpressed. The main negatives sited by reviewers are durability, a weak fan, and the expensive of the propane to keep it operational.

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