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Mosquito Net / Mosquito Netting

A Mosquito net is a protective covering ranging in size from a hat up to a full size gazebo or tent. It is basically designed to keep out biting insects such as mosquitos and anything larger than it's mesh size, while still allowing you the pleasure of being outdoors. They come in a wide variety of shapes, as well as sizes, and materials. It is important to find out what is out there before considering purchasing a mosquito net.

Mosquito net mesh size

Mesh size is important when purchasing a mosquito net. If the size of the holes in the mesh are too large then it will not keep out mosquitoes. If the mesh is too small then it will not allow air flow and vision outside of the netting. Airflow becomes most important in tropical or other very warm locations. In most cases you are best to choose a mesh with holes between .6mm and 1.2mm in size. These will provide adequate protection from most insects, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

Mosquito netting material

A number of different materials and treatments are used for mosquito netting. Polyester nets are known for their ability to last a long time as well as for being lightweight and easy to carry around. Cotton, as it is a natural material may provide a more pleasurable sleeping environment, but is susceptable to moisture and also weighs more than polyester.

Mosquito netting shapes

When it comes to choosing the shape of mosquito netting that best suits you, it is important to decide what particular use you are going to use it for. In most cases, nets are used for sleeping. Rectangular nets provide the most room for a sleeping person, but also require the most material and setup, and therefore are heavier to pack. Tent shaped nets are lighter and will cover more area with less netting.

It is important to choose a mosquito net that covers a sufficient area without touching the sleeping person. If the net is touching you then mosquitoes will still be able to bite you.

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