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Mosquito Magnet Pro Review

Mosquito Magnet Speil

The mosquito magnet pro is one of the most recent offerings from American BioPhysics Corp. It is said to be a bit more powerful and thus should be able to effectively cover an area of up to one and a quarter acres or 5 kilometers squared. It no longer has the annoying power cord and now uses a high quality NIHM battery pack. An industrial strength solar panel acts as a back-up power source for the unit.

Mosquito Magnet Pro Customers

We bought a 5,000 sq. ft. lake front cabin in the spring of 2001. At the time, we had thought that we were getting an great deal on the purchase as it seemed a lot cheaper than the other lakefront cottages we'd looked at. When the summer of 2001 started, we learned why we had gotten such a great deal It wasn't that great after all. The home had been constructed to be the perfect summer retreat with a giant deck overlooking the lake, and wonderful decor for outdoor entertaining. The major downside was the huge mosquito problem that must have been overlooked by the original builders. The bugs were so bad that when visiting our beautiful summer cabin, we would become captives in our own cabin due to the vast number of mosquitos.

After hiring tons of bug control companies, we decided to take matters into our own hands and purchased two mosquito magnet pro's. I was a little sceptical in the beginning, but after running them for a few days and seeing the huge number of mosquito corpses in the bag, I knew we had found the solution to our mosquito woes. After a week the mosquito problem was decreasing rapidly. Now after a few months, we're lucky if we catch 6 mosquitos per night.

Our summer paradise is now perfect, thanks to our two mosquito magnet pros. I would, and have, definitely recommend this product to anyone with a tough mosquito problem.

Jim, North Carolina

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