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Mosquito Magnet Liberty Review

Mosquito Magnet Speil

The mosquito magnet liberty is one of the most recent offerings from American BioPhysics Corp. A baby brother to the larger mosquito magnet pro, this unit will cover an area approximately 1 acre in size. It is a simpler unit than the pro, and as such is slightly cheaper in price. It comes with a 50 foot low voltage power cord, complete with burying clips. The mosquito magnet liberty uses the added mosquito attractant of an octenol cartridge.

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Customers

The liberty works quite well once you get it set up, but after dealing with the 50 foot cord, I'm kicking myself for not purchasing one of the cordless models. Although it comes with cord burying clips, it still makes the yard look messy having a long cord running across it. Another problem I ran into was finding an electrical outlet on the right side of the house. The mosquitoes seemed to all be coming from the east side of the property, but unfortunately that side of my home did not have an electrical outlet. My options were either to add an extension cord to the one the plug ins on the other side of the house or install an electrical plug on the East side. I went for the installation of a plug as although it was a bit more costly, it definitely leaves the yard looking a lot cleaner. In hindsight though, the cost of the plug installation would be close to the difference between the mosquito magnet liberty and the more expensive, cordless mosquito magnet pro.

Other than the installation issues I had, this unit seems to work quite well. I did find that in order to determine how many mosquitoes were caught, I had to check the large capacity net quite often as otherwise the mosquitoes would dry out in the breeze and eventually decompose enough to go through the netting as a fine mosquito dust. Of course this does mean that you don't have to clean out the bag as often.

Sam in Seattle, WA

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