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Mosquito Magnet Liberty - Avoid cheap imitations

Dear Lou,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Mosquito Magnet Liberty. I was very happy with my old mosquito magnet, but found that the cord was quite a pain to deal with. My property is rather large so it was very difficult to move it to the far corners of the property. I had tried to place the old unit closer to the house, but of course that only served to draw the mosquitoes to join our backyard barbeques. Now with our new mosquito magnet liberty I can place the unit out by the swamp at the south end of the property without having to buy hundreds of feet of extension cords.

The only issue I have with the new unit is that it only seems to attract one of the two different types of mosquitoes that we have here. I have a friend who studies bugs (entimologist I think), and he told me what the type of mosquito was that wasn't attracted. I think it was called the asian tiger mosquito? Anyways, I've heard from another friend that you have a new product which can be added to the liberty version of the mosquito magnet so that it will catch these other little buggers as well.

My wife just pointed out that our old unit was actually manufactured by another company. It looks like it was a cheap imitation of your product called a lentek mosquito trap. I had thought it was a previous version of a mosquito magnet, but have been informed that I was not correct.

Anyways, I love the product, but would like information on the new additive that makes it effective for every type of mosquito. We don't have that many of the type that aren't attracted to the base model, but it would be nice to have a mosquito bite free summer next year.

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