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Mosquito Magnet Defender Review

Mosquito Magnet Spiel

The mosquito magnet defender is the baby of the mosquito magnet units offered by American BioPhysics Corp. Unlike it's older brothers and sisters, the defender is designed to only cover up to one half an acre. As a bare bones model is requires a power cord (a 50 foot low voltage cord and burying clips are included in the package), and does not have wheels. The base is in the form of a sled so that it is still portable without any wheels.

Mosquito Magnet Defender Customers

It seems living in the city does not make you immune to the problem of mosquitoes. Although I have a small townhouse with only a small back yard, mosquitoes are still a major problem in my area. I live very close to a park with lots of standing water, and a few vacant lots in the area also have stagnant water in abundance. The larger mosquito magnet products wouldn't have made sense in my yard, so I was quite happy to discover that they made a smaller unit, the mosquito magnet defender, just for yards like mine and people like me. I have been quite happy with the product since it arrived. It is probably still a bit of overkill for the size of yard I have, but it's so nice to be able to sit out and look over the park in the evening during the summer.

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