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Mosquito Eater

Mosquito eater is another name for a mosquito trap. Products that are designed to lure and then trap and eliminate mosquitos may be called this as they "eat" mosquitos, and thus reduce the mosquito population. A number of products use the term mosquito eater in their advertising and marketing campaigns. This includes the Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater mosquito trap and the

Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater

Unlike many of the other mosquito traps on the market, the Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater uses methanol, methyl alcohol (methyl hydrate)or "liquid fondue fuel" to create clean CO2, heat, and water vapor. Fuel for the Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater can be found in most paint and hardware stores. They claim that the propane versions of mosquito traps are dangerous due to the use of pressurized gas lines and valves. Like many of the propane mosquito traps, the Gobblin™ Mosquito Eater has been tested and proven to trap and kill mosquitos. It does not need any external power source or batteries in order to operate. Due to it's small size it is quite portable and can be easily moved from location to location without difficulty. According to the manufacturer it will cover an area of up to 3/4 of an acre. This is adequate for most residential uses.

Dragonfly Ultimate Mosquito Eater

The Dragonfly system claims to be the ultimate mosquito eater. It is based on three attractants, Carbon Dioxide, Octenal, and heat. The Dragonfly attempts to use these attractants to simulate a human being and thus draw mosquitos to the trap where they can be eliminated. It uses an internal microprocessor to control the levels of each attractant and maintain them at optimal levels for catching mosquitos, regardless of temperature. Another feature of the Dragonfly Mosquito Eater is the "set it and forget it" mode. This automatically turns the unit on at sunset, and turns it off 5 hours later, making sure that the unit is always operating during peak mosquito hours.

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