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Mosquito Deleto Review

Mosquito Deleto Speil

The mosquito deleto is manufactured by the one of the long standing camping companies, coleman. According to the manufacturer it is designed specifically for customers who like to spend a great deal of time in their backyards, without the annoyance of pesky mosquitoes. The Mosquito Deleto attracts mosquitoes with three different types of attractants; CO2 (imitates human breathing), Octenol (a scientifically proven chemical attractant), and heat (specifically designed to mimic the same temperature as a human body). Coleman makes sure to add that the Mosquito Deleto works best when used constantly for an entire mosquito season. You should be sure to start up your mosquito deleto early in the season as it can take up to four to six weeks to become most effective.

Mosquito Deleto Customers

The Mosquito Deleto is extremely affordable. It doesn't have all the other bells and whistles that you'll find with the more expensive products, but then again, I don't know many warm blooded animals that emit a blue light like the lentek traps do. The mosquito deleto uses the main things that should attract a mosquito. I found that location was the key to getting it to work properly as we had to move it around a few times before it really began to work. Of course my wife said that it wasn't the location, but actually that it had been operating for 5 weeks and had caught up with the mosquito breeding. She may have been right.

Stuart, California.

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