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Mosquito Control

Due to the recent media about West Nile Virus, mosquito control technology has jumped in leaps and bounds in the past few years. A wide variety of mosquito control products and technologies are now available on the market.

Mosquito Control Technologies

A wide variety of mosquito control technologies are currently being used to trap or control mosquito populations across North America. Although not a great deal is known about how mosquito's seek out their blood meal, it seems that most mosquito control product manufacturers have their own unique method of attracting the pesky insect. Types of attractants that are used range from octenol (a chemical which some breeds of mosquito are supposedly attracted to), propane powered heat sources, blue lights (yes, one manufacturer seems to believe that mosquitos like the color blue), to carbon dioxide. In most cases the technologies used are designed to mimic the human body, and then amplified to cover a larger range and to look more attractive to the mosquitoes than the local population of people.

Mosquito Control Products

A wide variety of products have recently entered the mosquito control market. They range from bug sprays and specialized clothing for individual protection, to the larger propane powered mosquito magnet pro and the lentek mosquito trap. The most common ingredient in the sprays is the chemical Deet. Although deet seems quite effective in studies of mosquito control, a large number of people believe that it is toxic to humans and should thus be used sparingly.

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