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Lentek Mosquito Trap Review

Lentek's Spiel

The Lentek™ Mosquito Trap utilizes the documented attractiveness of CO2, moisture, body temperature (thermal imaging), color, and airflow in an effective design to attract, capture and kill mosquitoes and other blood-seeking flying insects. Similar traps have been in use for years by universities, State monitoring programs and researchers around the world. The Lentek™ Mosquito Trap uses this traditional trapping approach, combined with the latest in research, to turn the female mosquitoes natural hunting techniques toward seeking out the trap and facilitating capture in a product that private homeowners can use. Only Lentek's™ Mosquito Trap uses all five proven mosquito attractants in one unit!

Lentek's Customers

Installation and setup of the unit is as user friendly as the manufacturer states. It took under an hour for my wife and I to get the unit fully operational.

The capture cup did not seem to be catching that many mosquitos, but I think that might be due to them drying up and getting blown through the grate at the bottom of the cup. When I put the capture bag on to see if it showed a larger number of mosquitos being caught I found that the number of mosquitos found went down. When I called the company about this, they asked what I thought was an odd question. They wanted to know if it was windy in my area. It seems that the capture bag tends to blow around in the wind and scare the bugs away. All it took was placing a couple of small stones in the bag, and the number of captured mosquitos increased dramatically.

When operating, the Lentek mosquito trap seems to use a bit more power than a 150 watt light bulb.

After visiting a number of websites with ratings on the product, I read of people sticking an octenol cartridge to the side of the unit. They claimed that it increased the number of mosquitos caught by the trap. I decided to give this a try as well and found them to be correct.

It seems to run about 5 weeks on a tank of propane. The one my neighbor has includes a timer which lights the burner and runs the fan automatically. Much nicer I think. I've got ours on a remote control now but the burner always remains lit. Still his seems to use the same amount of propane.

The fan is quite loud, but it does seem to offer quite a bit of power and the unit will often suck in other larger biting insects such as horse flies. When you set it up, make sure you place it well away from where you gather outside your home as it can be loud, and if you are near the unit, then you may be in between where he mosquitos are and where the unit is. This can lead to a large number of itchy bites.

John from Wisconsin

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