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Asian Tiger Mosquito

The asian tiger mosquito, also known by the scientific name Aedes albopictus, is not a native species to North America. It has however managed to adapt very well to North American climates, and thrives in numerous areas of the United States. It is a very aggressive biter, and has been known to carry yellow fever, dengue fever, LaCross Encephalitis, and dog heartworm.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Identification

The asian tiger mosquito is easily identified by examining their bodies. This type of mosquito has a very black body with conspicuous white stripes (hence the tiger part of their name). They also have a very distinctive white band down the length of their body. Other than these distinguishing characteristics, the asian tiger mosquito is very similar to other types of mosquitos. It shares the characteristics of a long slender body, single pair of wings, three pairs of legs and a long proboscis. The female asian tiger mosquito uses the proboscis to draw blood from warm blooded creatures.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Habitat

The asian tiger mosquito is quite adaptable to a variety of climates. As it's name infers, it originally came from asia, and was thought to be originally transported to the United States via used tire shipments from Japan. The asian tiger mosquito was discovered in Texas in 1985, and in the following 2 years spread to 17 other states.


A wide variety of mosquito traps are available on the market, but the asian tiger mosquito does not seem to be trapped nearly as often as other mosquitoes. Octenol is not nearly as effective against this type of mosquito. Due to this, mosquito magnet has released a new product called Lurex, which they claim will attract 3 times more asian tiger mosquitos than octenol alone.

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